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The Training Catalog of Dan Keller Technical Services

In keeping with our philosophy of practicing what we preach, in this part of our website we've placed the XML source code for our training catalog.

  1. Why Give It Away?
  2. Why Use XML in the Training Industry?
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Why Give It Away?

We are sharing it with the world because...

Why Use XML in the Training Industry?

Sharing XML-formatted data about product and service offerings will enable...

This is just a beginning!

Our XML Data

The table below includes:
Course Datasheets
Course TitleXML with StylesheetRaw XMLText Version of XMLHTML
Apache for Webmasters apache.xml apache.xml apache.xml.txt apache.html
Using Databases on the Web dbweb.xml dbweb.xml dbweb.xml.txt dbweb.html
HTML Authoring, Part II html2.xml html2.xml html2.xml.txt html2.html
HTML Authoring for the Web htmlintro.xml htmlintro.xml htmlintro.xml.txt htmlintro.html
Java Jumpstart java.xml java.xml java.xml.txt java.html
Javascript for Programmers javascript.xml javascript.xml javascript.xml.txt javascript.html
Using the World Wide Web netscape.xml netscape.xml netscape.xml.txt netscape.html
TCP/IP Network User Basics networks.xml networks.xml networks.xml.txt networks.html
NT for Unix People nt4ux.xml nt4ux.xml nt4ux.xml.txt nt4ux.html
Perl Jumpstart perl.xml perl.xml perl.xml.txt perl.html
Advanced Perl perladv.xml perladv.xml perladv.xml.txt perladv.html
CGI Scripting with Perl perlweb.xml perlweb.xml perlweb.xml.txt perlweb.html
Web Graphics with Photoshop photoshop.xml photoshop.xml photoshop.xml.txt photoshop.html
Problem-Solving with Shell Scripts shprog.xml shprog.xml shprog.xml.txt shprog.html
Thinking in Objects tio.xml tio.xml tio.xml.txt tio.html
Techniques of Instruction (Train-the-Trainer) toi.xml toi.xml toi.xml.txt toi.html
Hands-On XML xml.xml xml.xml xml.xml.txt xml.html

XML Support Files


Please let us hear from you if:
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We look forward to a lively discussion and a vibrant training marketplace.


Of course, we are not the only ones applying XML technology to the demands of education and training.

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