Apache for Webmasters

Accelerated Technical Training


Installing your own web server? Planning to use Apache, the most popular web server software on the Internet? You can spend days poring over the documentation or a morning with us in this class. Learn exactly what you need to get your own server up and running quickly and painlessly.

In a series of hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to install and manage Apache, the most widely-used and well-supported web server in the world today.

Apache is open source, public domain software. It is not proprietary nor bound to a particular vendor or platform. It runs on most flavors of Unix, Microsoft's Windows NT, HP's MPE, and many more.


(half-day) .5 days



  • Instructor-led
  • Emphasis on practical skills
  • Hands-on
  • Classroom-based


  • Technical staff
  • Webmaster
  • System administrator
  • Responsible for a web site
  • Prerequisites

    Check the ones your background satisfies:
    Use of a text editor Any editor available in the classroom is ok (Notepad on NT, vi on Unix, etc.)
    Using the command line Invoking commands at the command-line prompt, with options and arguments
    Navigating the filesystem Moving from one directory to another on the command-line or in a file manager (e.g. NT Explorer)
    Basic notions of i/o in Unix and/or NT Creating and managing files; standard in/out/error
    Writing web pages Basic HTML
    If you checked 4 or more, you're well-equipped to take this class.


    Chapter 1: Apache Manual

    Chapter 2: Downloading and Installing the Software

    Chapter 3: Starting and Stopping Apache

    Chapter 4: Configuration

    Chapter 5: Log Analysis

    Chapter 6: The Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

    Chapter 7: Setting Passwords

    Chapter 8: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)

    Chapter 9: Server-Side Includes

    Chapter 10: Conclusion

    Appendix: Extending Apache: XML, FastCGI, mod_perl, PHP, SSL, ASP


    Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
    • Find the latest Apache source code, binaries, and related files
    • Download and install Apache
    • Edit Apache's configuration files
    • Start, stop, and restart the server
    • Set up the server to execute Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs
    • Password-protect web sites or portions of them
    • Configure the web server to deliver new file types with the Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME)
    • Enable and use the "server-side includes" feature


  • Skills are reinforced with detailed hands-on exercises.
  • Each technique is applied in a lab.
  • You work with a real server.
  • Sample configurations are provided.
  • The state-of-the-art web mechanisms are applied.
  • Setup

    Delivery of this class requires:
    • Classroom
    • A computer for each student
    • A computer for the instructor
    • A data projector for the instructor's computer
    • Computers networked and connected to the Internet
    • Computers running NT or Unix
    • Detailed system configuration instructions are available at http://www.keller.com/apache/apache-setup.html
    • We can provide instructions and assistance with the classroom and server setup.
    Write to us! webmaster@keller.com
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