Using Databases on the Web

Accelerated Technical Training


Do you have (or plan to build) a database? Do you want your users to access it with their web browsers? Are you building a new application? Need to breathe new life into a legacy application? If so, this course is for you.

Modernize your user interface! Make it accessible and easy and it will be popular and successful. The techniques presented in this course enable you to do all this without being bound to a platform (works with PCs and with Unix) or to a database (works with Oracle, Informix, Sybase, MS Access, MySQL, etc.)

This course presents tools and techniques for Perl programmers and webmasters to build CGI scripts that do lookups and updates on databases.


1 days



  • emphasis on practical skills
  • hands-on
  • instructor-led
  • classroom-based
  • printed materials
  • on-screen (web) materials


  • technical staff
  • programmers
  • webmasters
  • application developers
  • Prerequisites

    Check the ones your background satisfies:
    Basic Perl programming techniques: variables, control of flow (loops, branches), input/output, functions (subroutines)
    Writing and running scripts
    Regular expressions
    Record- and field-oriented data processing
    Use of a text editor (any editor available in the classroom is ok; Notepad on NT, vi on Unix, etc.)
    Invoking commands at the command-line prompt
    Command-line options and arguments
    Navigating the filesystem
    Basic notions of i/o in Unix and/or NT: standard in/out/error
    Creating and managing files
    Writing web pages: basic HTML
    Databases: basic SQL
    If you checked 8 or more, you're well-equipped to take this class.


    Chapter 1: The Big Picture: Strategies for Web-Enabling Your Database

    Chapter 2: Connecting to Your Database

    Chapter 3: Handling Errors

    Chapter 4: Adding Rows to Database Tables from Web Forms

    Chapter 5: Building Dynamic Forms from Database Data

    Chapter 6: Updating Database Records from Forms

    Chapter 7: Generating Reports on Web Pages

    Chapter 8: Conclusion

    Appendix A: Common Administrative Tasks


    Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:


    Delivery of this class requires:
    • classroom
    • Unix or NT
    • a PC or workstation for the instructor
    • a projector for the instructor's computer screen
    • a PC or workstation for each student
    • connection to the Internet
    • a web server (so students can create and run their own CGI programs)
    • Perl version 5.004 or newer, including the CGI extension
    • a database server (MySQL, Oracle, Access, or perhaps others) with privilege to create and destroy databases
    • ODBC (required on NT only)
    • the Perl DBD::MySQL, DBD::oracle, or DBD::ODBC module
    • the Perl DBI module
    • Detailed system configuration instructions are available at
    • We can assist with the classroom setup.
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