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Do you need more control over your web pages than you get from HTML? Do you need to invent your own tags? Do you need your web site to exchange data with other web sites? Are you planning to implement e-commerce? If so, this course is for you.

XML -- eXtensible Markup Language -- offers benefits for information management and the Worldwide Web. It provides a syntax for defining new markup languages. It enables the development of languages and tools for specific applications. XML is ideal for any situation where structured information exchange is needed.

This course presents the tools and techniques for programmers and webmasters to build their own web authoring languages and capabilities using XML and related standards.

The approach is platform-independent and vendor-neutral; these techniques work on Windows NT and Unix, with industry-standard tools.

Dan Keller's XML Course is a hands-on, practical introduction to XML, XLL and XSL. It presents tools and techniques for programmers and webmasters to build their own web authoring languages and data exchange capabilities.


2 days



  • Emphasis on practical skills
  • Hands-on
  • Instructor-led and classroom-based
  • Printed and on-screen (web) materials


  • This course is for technical staff -- programmers, webmasters, application developers -- who want to design markup languages for their own applications, share structured data with other sites, and enjoy the benefits of distinguishing data structure from presentation.
  • Prerequisites

    Check the ones your background satisfies:
    HTML authoring
    Using a text editor
    Basics of computer usage (navigating the file system, managing files, invoking commands, etc.)
    If you checked 3 or more, you're well-equipped to take this class.


    Chapter 1: Writing Extensible Markup Language (XML) Documents

    Chapter 2: Writing Document Type Definitions (DTDs)

    Chapter 3: Writing XML Schemas

    Chapter 4: Writing XML Style Sheets (XSL)

    Chapter 5: Creating Extensible Link Language (XLL) Hyperlinks

    Chapter 6: Putting It All Together


      Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
      • Create well-formed and valid XML documents.
      • Write Document Type Definitions (DTD).
      • Write schemas.
      • Use XML parsers and viewers.
      • Construct hypertext links using XLL (eXtensible Link Language).
      • Write XSL (eXtensible Style Language) style sheets.
      • Develop XML to HTML converters using XSL style sheets.
      • See how related web standards fit into the big picture.


    1. Skills are reinforced with detailed hands-on exercises.
    2. Each technique is applied in a lab.
    3. Sample source code is provided.
    4. You work with markup languages.
    5. You run real programs.
    6. The state-of-the-art XML tools are applied.
    7. Setup

      Delivery of this class requires:
      • classroom
      • Unix or N
      • A PC or workstation for the instructor
      • A projector for the instructor's computer screen
      • A PC or workstation for each student
      • Connection to the Internet
      • Any text editor
      • XML parser, XML viewer, XSL processor
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater
      • Detailed system configuration instructions are available at http://www.keller.com/xml/setup.html
      • We're happy to provide assistance with the classroom setup. Just call!
      Write to us! webmaster@keller.com
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