TCP/IP Network User Basics

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Do you wonder how that e-mail message is delivered, where those files come from, how the web works? Do you need practical skills for transfering files, checking for connectivity, logging-in remotely? Are you ready to learn the jargon of networks -- TCP, IP, Samba, packets, Ethernet, Internet, domains, routers, hubs, and so much more? If so, this course -- quick and to the point -- is for you.


.5 days


  • Emphasis on practical skills
  • Hands-on
  • Classroom-based, instructor-led


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe the uses of networks
  • Login to remote systems
  • Exchange files with remote systems
  • Recognize types of network addresses
  • Look up network addresses
  • Test network connections
  • Name the hardware elements of a network
  • List the software layers of TCP/IP networks
  • Grasp the scope and structure of the Internet


This is a technical course that teaches basic skills and concepts for users of TCP/IP networks in corporate environments. It consists of a half-day of hands-on exercises, lecture, and discussion. It assumes rudimentary computer experience.

It imparts practical skills for daily use. Theory of network operation and protocols are presented enough to enable the wise use of these skills. A secondary goal is to elucidate the vocabulary of networks - hubs, routers, servers, NFS, FTP, etc.

In its method, the course's emphasis is on the practical, with much of the classroom time devoted to hands-on activity.


Delivery of this class requires:
  • Classroom
  • An overhead projector
  • A PC or workstation for each student
  • Connection to the internet
  • A workbook for each student
  • Detailed system configuration instructions are available at
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