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Surfing the Web is easy -- click on a hyperlink and away you go. But there's more to the Web than surfing; Web pages are no longer the only type of data the Web can deliver. Using the Web's more advanced features and knowing what to do when things go wrong demand more extensive skills. This course imparts these skills, explains the mechanisms beneath, and provides the expertise to be a resourceful and respectful net citizen.


3.5 hours


  • The courseware is available on the web at
  • workbook


  • instructor-led
  • classroom-based
  • hands-on


  • This course is for corporate intranet and Internet users who want to use the Web productively.
  • Prerequisites

    Check the ones your background satisfies:
    You have basic computer usage skills (suggested but not required)
    You have a networked computer and a browser.
    If you checked 1 or more, you're well-equipped to take this class.


    Chapter 0: Housekeeping

    Chapter 1: Guided Tour

    Chapter 2: How It Works

    Chapter 3: Related Internet Services

    Chapter 4: Dollars and Sense

    Chapter 5: Configuring and Troubleshooting

    Chapter 6: A First Home Page

    Chapter 7: Conclusion


      Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
      • Use the Web effectively
      • Navigate the World Wide Web
      • Use Internet services: FTP, searchers, netnews
      • Customize and troubleshoot your browser
      • Use network resources wisely
      • Create a basic home page


      Delivery of this class requires:
      • classroom
      • overhead projector
      • a PC or workstation for each student
      • a PC or workstation for the instructor
      • a data projector for the instructor's computer
      • Detailed system configuration instructions are available at
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