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First: NO WAR! detail from Picasso's Guernica in Ukraine, Syria, Burma, Palestine, or anywhere else and in 2019 and 2020 I did three extended Dan with glass of waterwater-only fasts, in 2020 was interviewed about nursing in Covid times(listen!) byLezak Shallat (hear her onSoundCloud) and in 2019 after two intensive years of development released NurseAssess, an app that smooths nursing workflow and I built NurseMind,an app that, in the spirit of Atul GawandeAtul Gawande's healthcare checklist revolution is changing Nurse Ratchedhow nurses work via my startup Nurse Tech, Inc. and I blog about all that (and especially at Dan Keller's Nursing, Health Policy and Healthcare Technology Blog) and was interviewed about it in my school paper, Synapse, got patent 9164656, thought about time management, got vaccinated (many of my SNF patients had Covid), write essays and stuff, used to eat vegan (here's why) until I got lazy, keep my photo albums on the Web, miss my mother Judith Jewel Herman (also a nurse) who passed away in 2017, have a daughter Cara whose middle name is Sphere for Thelonious, and a son Alexi who in July 2011 joined an army and dug trenches and fired machine guns, I went again to JazzcampLiving Jazz (after a 21-year hiatus) and loved it!, in 2021 I am learning tennis , in 2013 toured the medical facilities of Cuba (world's highest doctor/patient ratio; 2nd is Italy) -- we can learn from them -- grew up in Rome Colosseum where, as a boy I dubbed hundreds of 2nd-rate movies such as Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967) (my first line is at 5'25") and was interviewed about Rome dubbing by Johan Melle and in 2008 moved back there with my kids for a year where we had a lot of water but the Romans don't worry until it reaches the occhialone (big eye) di Ponte Sisto and where the brilliant Susan Levenstein blogs Stethoscope on Rome -- especially informative regarding Covid -- and if you curse the mediocrity of American pop culture just listen to Italian Gattino Virgola ringtones that blessedly are not on the cellphones of my kids (who used to be small)propeller hat and in 2008 attended St. Stephen's where some meetings did seem to last 37 years (click this link to see a great photo caption) and have fond memories of my high school senior year and in 2014 went looking for ancestral roots in Romania and Ukraine and in 2016 cruised the canals of France on a penichette but my kids do love sushi which I tell them to enjoy before the oceans are lifeless (could theirs be the last generation to eat wild-caught fish?) and I took them in 2016 to Burning Man (my pix), for 22 years had a businessmaking a living and the business had a home page -- we pioneered the paperless classroom (power corrupts; Powerpoint corrupts absolutely) and our own management system (by to-do list) -- I even have a personal mission statement -- and I am a newly-licensed RN with a healthcare blog and in December, 2010 was "pinned" (how nurses graduate) at (click us!) SMU (a vocational school) where I learned that the kidneys (not the brain) run the show and we must remedy the mediocrity of post-secondary education (the good news is that we can fix it) despite my bitter experience at the surprisingly-mediocre USF, and my swim-in-the-Bay buddy Hyo Kim is doing real preventive healthcare while I rant endlessly, wrote my first program on an IBM 360 on punched cards in Fortran taught to me by Neil MacFarlane, got a master's degree in Medical Information Science (here are some reminiscences) from UCSF logo UCSF where I was privileged to be advised by Dr. Marsden Scott Blois, a pioneer in medical concept representation, published a paper (1983), and today I'm certain that nursing education -- always a few steps behind -- needs to add a nursing informatics clinical rotation, and collected a few autographs of computing giants but let's be careful not to unleash a monster though I once had a tricycle and later an answering machine, have been thinking about business and real estate in Italy about which country I have opinions and Dolce Trastevere for whom I made a web site (but they've gone out of business... guess it didn't help), and I did create Wifi-Italia and Italy's first free public Wifi site (former Italian president President Cossiga Cossiga repeatedly pumped my hand, extolling wireless technology -- he's got three wifis in his house) -- and here's my San Francisco house (it has only two) Home! and custom-built Sun Frost appliances (yes, that's my kitchen on their web site) and a Tel-a-Tronic Signal Center and was featured on SF Apartment magazine the cover of the Oct. 2004 SF Apartment magazine and was the set for one episode of a short-lived TV series named Loni Anderson and Lynda Carter Partners in Crime (1984) starring Lynda Carter and Loni Anderson and Google StreetView caught me there, had a piano floated up three flights by the astonishing Ed Gong, and now my garage has a zero-emissions electric car in it and 25 solar panels on the roof in the San Antonio district of Oakland (though I lived for 30 years in the Castro district of San Francisco), Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat a town that had a great Mayor Mayor Gavin Newsom and a well-wisher (he's now Governor... soon President? though the one we have now (2024) is pretty good) though we do have earthquakes the real threat is climate change that could end California's status as America's salad bowl and, says Mark Schapiro (with whom I played in the short-lived Deadliners band with Jonathan Alford our favorite mail man on piano), (midwestern wheat crops are threatened, too), and in a statewhose economy recently surpassed the UK to become the world's fifth-largest and now I live in Oakland and the Oakland Riviera is where it's at -- with a remarkable Oakland Sound pedigree (when it was named Freeway Recording) including the incomparable D'wayne Wigginsand his Tony! Toni! Tone`! (go Oakland!) who recorded here and they did my favorite What's Your Sign -- but my favorite home was for two years the MSO Lucid MSO-458 Lucid (a surplused Korea-vintage Navy minesweeper), burned out and gave up on cohousing (and in 2014 shook the hand of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan groundbreaking a cohousing project), think about retirement, and am fond of technology but people are even more interesting so I have volunteered at the UCSF Medical Center (Long Hospital and medical records), at the SF General Hospital Emergency Room, at the Glide celebrates! Glide Memorial clinic, at the CPMC hospital Emergency Room, and at the SF AIDS/HIV/HepC Nightline, at the Tobacco Education Center for whom I taught and built the The smoker's lungs (blackened) and heart (enlarged) are the ones on the left, obviously.Tobacco Teacher web site and as an RN for Project HomelessConnect, and have run smoking cessation programs at Kaiser sites in the Bay Area and at Mills-Peninsula -- read the interview anda classic denial story -- and served as Factotum-in-Chief for Gary Heit's Americare Neurosurgery International delivering equipment, training, and high-tech medical care CT scan of head, sagittal view to the third world (went in March, 2008, to Hue, Vietnam) but he died in 2023 (who will take his place?) and have ridden around in ambulances wheregrab yer own, creepbad Governor Boobengrabber picked the wrong fight when he said he was nursie "Kicking our nurses' butts" and I had a father who was a painter and politico (I am a red diaper baby) Karl Marx, updated and who did the artwork for this website and for my company's training manuals (losing him in 2006 made a tough year tougher), my mother was a filmmaker and playwright I don't take a pink one and a yellow one. (here is a trailer on YouTube) who wrote the story of Taxi, the ferry-house dog and had success with her play Funny Feeling (that's her granddaughter Cara in the poster), have a sister Marthe at the Met Martheeenia -- who is (also) a great artist with a painting in New York's Metropolitan Museum Diva, oil, wax, canvas, 87x65 in., 1993, collection of Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, Ny, installed 1996-2002 and her husband Brad who designed Estee Lauder and makes juice, another sister, Katy who traveled the world as the physical therapist for the New York City Ballet dancer perfecting her turnout with Functional Footprints and fixes broken violinists at the Juilliard School and invents machines to make dancers better Functional Footprints and is married to Colter Colter the Voiceover King and my grandfather Sidney (my middle name) invented the Keller machine Keller Machine and the process (called, oddly enough, kellering) for creating dies to cast curved steel surfaces (that made possible streamlined cars) whereas my other grandfather (Herman Herschkowitz, renamed himself Harry Herman at Ellis Island) came to America on Nov. 18, 1906, aboard the S.S. Amerika (which reported icebergs just three hours before one sank the Titanic), I invented the Narciss-O-Meter, have an apocalyptic vision of inevitable and catastrophic environmental collapse our tiny, delicate, precious planet with global marine impacts (especially ocean acidification) largely unnoticed (even the Pentagon knows we're screwed...) we're headed for a long emergency ("America's oil consumption is the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world... Suburbia is going to fail. You can state that categorically..." says James Kunstler (one of my gurus) in America's New Religion), peak oil was in the 70s and now we have peak water and record-breaking drought in California and other visions of the future and in 2024 I have joined Citizens Climate Lobby to work on this and Michael Stocker Michael Stocker and Ocean Conservation Research are doing something about the noisy oceans, have done projects for Silicon Valley companies including Agilent Technologies and Apple and Autodesk and AT&T and Genentech and General Electric and Hewlett Packard and Inmac and Intuit and Charles Schwab and Silicon Graphics and Sun and Sybase and Synopsys and Texas Instruments and U.S.Army and Visa and Wells Fargo Bank and Xilinx and Yahoo, and have had a few business cards along the way, love to attend the Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop, for years relied utterly on an antique but marvelous piece of engineering -- HP's 200LX palmtop PC (it runs DOS!) and I still write HTMLby hand, spend too much time administering my network and a few dozen web sites, with things like Bruce Borcherdt's Midas Niggard, have had my share of "customers from hell" Duh! but, thankfully, none quite like the infamous Thrasher Thrasher works himself into a frenzy, toured the Artificial Intelligence Lab and robotics workshops of MIT with my boyhood pal Devon McCullough and patted a Lisp Machine , once acted in a movie (that's me, second from the right) with Rock Hudson -- it's not a chick flick and here's how to tell and Bing watched it as a child in the Philippines -- ten points if you can name this movie -- and now blogs about it and I just discovered that pretty much everything I know (e.g. what is spam -- really! check it out!) has been collected in a single, succinct document -- yes! an IETF RFC! and New Age is debunked here -- in California (which has much in common withItaly) and rowed for St. Stephen's School and on the San Francisco Bay and Stroke!  Stroke!on the Tiber River -- I like adventure sports -- diving, parachuting, etc. (here's parasailing in Mexico), and if you get a chance to see the Red Bastard Red Bastard, go! he's brilliant! and I cat in microwave (ok, not funny) had a cat and Roman friends (Leo and Marilena) who are devoted cat people and a cat watches Psycho and now have two cats, Claude Shannon (whose hand I once shook and autograph collected) and Norbert Wiener, and my pal Pat Olson showed that the Plague of Athens was Ebola -- is it coming back? -- and makes us wear togas and I lived for my first seven years on Danskammer Farm and here are links to my elementary school (The American Overseas School) AOSRand (we visited in June, 2007) my high school (St. Stephen's School (which almost went bankrupt in my senior year)) SSS in Rome (where my family moved after Danskammer) where as a teen I danced to the Free Love in the Teen Club in the catacomb beneath St. Paul's-within-the-Walls and I go back every year (here are pix from May, 2005) and in 2008-2009 actually returned to Rome for a year and my kids attended St. Stephen's too!, have friends Lisa and Tom who run the beautiful Italophillic web site Your Garden Show, Naomi who teaches adoring children the joys of classical strings, quasi-Roman friend Graeme Thomas who won awards for his stupendous Kubrick 2001, The Space Odyssey Explained (some great Flash) and of course you recognize this lineHal 9000, and now he's made the official International Year of the Potato web site (in five languages!), won a few awards myself and here's another adoptive-Roman friend, Catherine who received an MBE from this emissary (recognize him?) of the Queen of England for running the Keats-Shelley House, and regarding things ItalianAlberto Sordi demonstrating spaghetti do your gift shopping for limoncello from John and Victoria's La Raccolta whose web site tech guru Phil Glatz built (he loves Drupal) or a silk scarf from my Italophillic pal Lisa P. or a limoncello cake from Jan's J.Marie Fine Cakes and Ken Jacobs Ken Jacobs knows who killed JFK and if you need your head shrunken Dinois your man and what about oddball Gail Gail's URL GURL license plate the webmistress (eh?), and here's Hotel Arenula where I stay in Rome, jam with my friend Giorgio Rosciglione the celebrity bassist, enjoy hilarious, spunky Luciana Littizzetto, and there is San Francisco fixture Chicken JohnChicken John who cracks me up, worked (with Murray Murray Freeman who invented the lightbulb, makes wifi work, and practiced hotel room engineering) for a time at the alas now-defunct Colex Electronic Company Limited, 15th Floor, Luk Hop Industrial Building, 8 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Colex Electronic Company Limited, 15th Floor, Murray and Dan in Hong KongLuk Hop Industrial Building, 8 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, manufacturer of what was then (1983) the world's cheapest Unix machine (and the price was low, too :-) dubbed "poxy box" by James Hole (it crashed when you typed cat), and here's Fritz Schaerli Fritz Schaerli, the president of Adasoft AG makers of zutrittskontrollsisteme in Switzerland where I also enjoyed working long ago, once modeled the "...sleek, European-style monitor arm" in the Inmac catalog (the Sun workstation screen is turned to hide the error messages), listened to Frank Zappa Frank w/ guitar and Firesign Theater and once had dinner with my boyhood favorite bandleader Booker T. and the MGs Booker T. Jones, attended the defunct Notre Dame International high school in Rome with buddy Bill Zimmerman, went to college at UCSC UCSC -- here's graduation with roommate Nic Nelken, an avowed disciple of Dr. Bronner and now a vascular surgeon at Kaiser -- hey, one of us made good! -- have always been fascinated by electronic music starting with Alvin Curran's in Rome in the 60's then studied with Gordon Mumma (who introduced me both musically and personally to John Cage) at UCSC in the 70's and in 1977 at Dartmouth Baker Tower with an inventor of the Synclavier -- Jon Appleton Jon Appleton (with Moog and Syntrophia hat, with prototype Synclavier in road cases in San Francisco for a performance at the Exploratorium ) and at Stanford with John Chowning and classmate Larry Groupé has gone on to be an Emmy-nominated film score composer, and in 1982 I built my first studio with my then-roommate and techno-wild-man Mr. Etant-DonnesMichael Schippling, am deeply saddened by the March, 2021 loss of my little pal Claire Callahan in 2013 mourn for UCSF Regent, classmate Dave Shewmake and my childhood music teacher Barbara Sparti whom we lost in March and June of 2013, respectively, and for drinking-buddy/jazz-loving Fred Lewis whom we lost in Jan. 2012, we lost musician/activist "You Ain't Done Nothing if You Ain't Been Called a Red" Eliot Kenin in Feb. 2023, and for gifted pianist, best-chart-maker, and inspired software geek Peter Eden whom we lost in the Fall of 2011, for adored drummer Bruce Felter (with whom the pocket was so deep we delighted in calling it a trench) who passed on 12/20/2007, and the 7/7/7 loss of beloved friend and mentor Joe Podolsky, the Nov. 2000 loss of Larry Morehead Lawrence A. Morehead the real estate mogul (funny story: unbeknownst to either of us at the time, the first building I bought was the first he sold), and another loss -- on 12/22/2002 my JazzCampWest JazzCamp buddy Robin Gilbert Robin Gilbert passed away, and that year we also lost pianist/artist Kent Holloway Kent Holloway, circa 1980, and in early 2004 so too passed away my beloved ex-father-in-law Lauri Hieta (I once married a Finn; here are happy Hietas photos from that happy time), and on 4/14/2004 we lost Gosina Mandersloot Gosina Mandersloot, and shortly thereafter we lost Nameers fat cat, and in 2005 was the passing of Joe Bithell with whose Silicon Gulch Jazz Band I enjoyed decades of gigs (no kidding!), and on 12/23/2005 we lost the extraordinary trumpet player and lifelong friend Robin Hodes, in 2007 we lost drummer and beloved friend Ben Randall, in 2011 we lost 'bone-player Tom Small, and also in 2011 (July) we lost another cherished American Italian transplant and high school chum, Lisa Marini Finerty, and in Jan. of 2015 we lost Dick Karpinski, and in that same month we lost my pal-since-third-grade and Romana Americana Laura Antinucci whose brother Richard was the drummer in my first (junior high school) rock band, and I'll forever miss my best high school pal, brilliant energy engineer Mike Selig who passed away on Feb 22, 2011 -- his last essay was his own obituary, and Harvey Robb in September of 2015 -- and here is the grave of John Piccoli (in the Cimitero Acattolico where I intend to be buried or at least to endow a tree, managed in part by Heather whom we lost in July of 2013 (memorial site) but mostly by Mandy -- in 2022 the Queen awarded her an MBE! (the Beatles got MBEs, too) -- listen to the 10/29/2011 RAI interview) who died in 1955 at age 16 on his brand-new motorbikegiven to him that very day by his doting father Nemo the sculptor (Juanita never forgave him and left me her house but connivers screwed me out of it after a 19-year legal battle... no kidding!), and in June of 2017 we lost my Roman pal Maura, and in 2014 Pete Seeger -- activist, inspiring musician, family friend and, in Feb. 2016, Dan Hicks, in 2023 we lost Burt Bacharach (whom I saw live in 2017 -- fabulous!), and in 2021 my beloved seventh-grade Ancient History teacher Hiram Dewitt and in 2022 my fabulous Dartmouth electronic music mentor/composer/friend Jon Appleton (yes, I mentioned him above... can't do it too often), and in March of 2022 my Roman boyhood pal (and gifted musician in our rock/jazz band) Giampiero Scuderi aka Chirichetto ("Altar Boy") and in March of 2023 Giampi's brother Mimmo (there is now only one brother left, Uccio, though I was called the fourth brother since I ate at their house so often) and in July of 2022 my buddy-in-Brazilian-music-joy Vaughan Johnson -- so I have been thinking about death lately -- here is a poem about it by one of my favorite authors, John Updike (deceased 2009) -- and here's another: Last Touch and some wisdom about grief -- and I hang onto old friends -- remember shmoos? shmoo and Pogo? pogo and R. Crumb? The Old Pooperoo and went to Thailand in 2006 to see the longneck ladies (and my friend Jason who wrote a succinct statement of his political values) and used to go every year to Carnaval Dancing in the streets of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil! in Salvador (capital city of the Brazilian state of Bahia, the musical soul of that most musical country), adore Gal Costa Brazil's top star (crazy hair, fabulous pipes, phrasing, time, arrangements, production, repertory, and sidemen) who, too, died in 2022 ...oh yes, another deity in my pantheon is Ray Brown (it's said that when he was married to Ella Fitzgerald and they had a fight she threw his bass into the pool -- but that's not why I worship him), and in 2023 we lost Len Chandler whose impassioned music inspired boyhood me "...so I guess we gotta keep on keepin' on", from 2000 to 2003 I made jazz acoustic bass my primary career Dan playing bass often as a sideman for Dan loves working with singers singers (here's my musical resume and my gig calendar and you can hear me in action), especially at my favorite bar, Specs and made some hear my music! MP3 sound clips (in my own little studio) of people I worked with such as Mal Sharpe's Big Money in Jazz Big Money in Dixieland and deeply regret his passing in 2020, especially enjoyed playing with Cathy Withacee Felter and My Trio though for years my favorite gigs were at Specs 12 Adler Museum (but alas buffoons now run the nuthouse) in SF's Chinatown, and have compiled what, despite its relentless and interminable loquacity (and brutality toward violaviolists -- I dated one once) is probably not the definitive collection of musician musician jokes, in 2004 moved on to my third career (career not job -- important distinction), have gotten interested in wireless networks with and am, with my family, active in our local community (here's us scrubbing the sidewalks in our neighborhood paper), former volunteer-webmaster for CDS Children's Day School that Cara used to attend, visited my New York family in Spring, 2002, again in July of 2004, and again in Baby Colter, a mild little fellow...December of 2005, and the glorious Fourth in Alameda, and I must warn you that terrible things happen when you turn 50, in 2004 and 2007 strolled the Bay-to-Breakers, in 2007 threw a party for Susan, occasionally cook (recipes here) and am reminded by WTC exploding the World Trade Center attack to attend to disaster preparedness (my ham callsign is KG6OIE) and, accordingly, have been programming my radios -- if you live in the SF Bay Area, you may find useful my collection of local public agencies frequencies andSFPDpolice codes (in a crisis, know what's going on!) and Cara and I became NERTs, and was relieved we got rid of (click for rant) Fuehrer Bush Fuehrer Bush and elected an adult though alas he worsened the cyber-police state so we need defenses like the FOIA Machine and Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are patriots facing down Fascist America, in 10 easy steps... too bad we didn't get Bernie... we got a nightmare worse than any I could have imagined -- gone, too, now (hurray) -- and I have improved the US Constitution but I still haven't burned my draft card and I propose this modest solution (ahh, to protest in style like the Italians!) but if you want to date one you must know the rules and I used to visit Helmut's Timberlock ranch, in 2004 Arky is into basketball and in 2006 he is into soccer and in 2003 he joined me on a mind-boggling (and strenuous) sea-kayaking trip in Baja, once swapped apartments with Eric Richmond, my buddy from third grade (his is in London where I saw my forever pal Amedeo who takes pictures of Roma ) and also from third grade there's Johnny Bruckman (funny... he doesn't look like a third grader... :-) whose Dad changed my life by showing us kids on Johnny's birthday The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (in their private screening room, no less!) and I became the tough, silent loner (hah!), love to visit Rick Ackerly's ranch in Mendocino County's Anderson Valley (the new Napa Valley), and Jeff Johnson alas no longer runs the progressive Peace Pundit site (but we love his letters to the editor of the SF Chronicle) and Karen Ande makes poignant photos of orphans in AIDS-torn Kenya, did silly little computer art thingies, in 2007 I finally went to Burning Man and played in the Burning Band and in 2016 took my kids who were astounded... as was I, and I fervently oppose capital punishment -- barbaric! (essay by my brilliant high school philosophy teacher Steven Schneebaum) -- and solitary confinement -- yes, we do torture in America -- I have an opinion bullhorn on just about everything political, admire Chris Hedges and John Nichols and learn so much from their books and talks, and the brilliant podcasts of Sam Harris and I avoid superstition (everyone's got an opinion about food and diet; few are scientific... especially all this blather about "carbs") and wishful thinking (Atkins is popular because people like being told to eat steak and butter) but research and science reveal that beans are indeed the cholesterol-lowering, insulin-balancing, life-prolonging, musical fruit -- just ask the Pritikin program for health and longevity, have my political heroines including Congresswoman Jackie Speier Congresswoman Jackie Speier whose hand I shook today at UCSF (oops, tassle on the wrong side...) and am proud to live in the Bay Area home of five of the six most-visited websites in the world:

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