The Videomakers

JUDITH KELLER, writer, nurse and producer of films and videos, is an award-winning scriptwriter and filmmaker of short dramas and recently a playwright. Her original work depicts strong, positive, older women characters.

Keller's films and videos have been presented at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and have been aired on National Public Television, CBS, cable TV and are distributed internationally. Her film and video awards include the National Educational Film and Video Festival, the American Society on Aging Media Award, Editor's Choice from the American Library Association, the American Journal of Nursing Media Festival, and citations from the American Film Festival and the International Rehabilitation Film Festival. Articles by Keller have appeared in Aging Today, The Washington Post, Newsday, the Los Angeles Times, the Dallas Times Herald, Jewish Currents, and Transitions Abroad.

Director NIGEL NOBLE's films have won an Oscar, Emmys, Christophers, and Blue Ribbons. They have been presented world-wide in theaters, on television and at festivals. His Academy Award-winner, Close Harmony, is about an intergenerational chorus in which children shed their stereotypes of the elderly and the older people are no longer isolated.
Between takes on the set of And the Home of the Brave, Noble talks with actor Miriam Phillips.

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