DKTS Software Solutions --
Samples and Demos

Here are some of our in-house essential resources for Web authors: Here are links to some recent projects.

Wifi in Italia! Wifi in San Francisco!

A Web site -- including marketing materials, a help system, and Javascript for browser checking -- for PopUpCop, the best-in-class software for web popup suppression.

A Web site with a stripchart applet for Marathon Products, Inc. (requires a Java-enabled browser)

An inventory management system for HP Labs.

A lighting control system for HP Labs -- Turn lights on and off by clicking on floorplans in your browser.

Undergraduate application forms for the University of California -- The new way to apply to college! Written up in the San Francisco Chronicle: UC, Cal State Hopefuls Can Now Apply on the Internet

The Platinum Jack Music Interface -- Helping professional musicians plug into the business side of the industry.

Graphics for a web-based bookshelf for SGI.

Other projects (no demos but interesting anyway):